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Dana, Founder of Food Shift

"I had the pleasure of receiving some coaching from Beth in the start-up stages of my social enterprise. Beth really met me where we were at and approached our conversations with an incredible ability to listen, ask the right questions, and guide me toward uncovering tangible next steps and solutions. 

She brings a calm, authentic, compassionate, and encouraging tone to conversations and has a wealth of resources and knowledge to share. Beth has an incredibly generous spirit when it comes to coaching and supporting entrepreneurs and leads with a deep passion and understanding of the challenges considering she has navigated many of them herself."  

Theresa, Founder of The Break Room

"Beth is a lifesaver! I loved working with her to create a business plan for The Break Room. She was encouraging, patient and really helped me formulate my ideas. The financials were easy to understand and she made a daunting project totally manageable. Highly recommended!" 

Sarah, Founder and Owner, Nutty Snacks

"Beth took an overwhelming and emotional process and grouped it into manageable pieces. Then she spent time asking me questions, listening to my answers and condensing a lot of feelings in to understandable paragraphs that accurately communicated my heart and message.

She was able to take the facts and figures and make a plan for growth. And at the end of it all she handed me a concise synopsis of my company - who we are, where we've come from and how we plan to move forward. I was able to take my [business] plan directly to the bank and use it to determine my next steps for business.I am so grateful to Beth for working with me.

Without her knowledge and experience I would still be spinning on the true COGS of my business and guessing at the number needed to become profitable. Now she's given me data that can be used to create a strategic plan for growth."

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